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Cranberry Mulled Wine Cider

  Now that cranberries are in season, there’s nothing that makes me feel more festive than a hot spiced cranberry mulled wine cider. Up until recently, I didn’t know what mulled wine was, so if you’re wondering, it’s a warm drink made with red wine and spices, and is traditional around the holidays. Being a Boston native turned LA transplant, I never thought I’d miss the cold weather. But now when the holidays roll around, I find myself wanting to snuggle up by the fireplace with a warm cocktail. So this past Thanksgiving, my friends and I rented a cozy cabin in Big Bear Mountain and enjoyed lots of spiked hot cocoa and cider by the fire! (And the hot tub!) I also made a giant pan of this for my family holiday party, and it was a hit! The cider is delicious on its own, so if you’d like a non-alcoholic version, you can eliminate the red wine and make a spiced cranberry cider. Speaking of spices, you’ll also want to grab a bottle of Allspice for this. I learned when making Apple Cider th