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Frozen Orange Creamsicle Cocktail

  I just got back from my annual trip to Cape Cod. Every summer I rent a cottage on a lake and invite my friends and family over for a cookout, and I always pick one cocktail recipe to try out at the cookout. This year, my yummy drink of choice was a frozen orange creamsicle cocktail. I blended Pinnacle whipped cream vodka, vanilla almond milk and fresh squeezed orange juice together with a handful of ice, topped it with a dash of whipped cream, and it was delicious! If you’re vegan, feel free to use coconut whipped cream for the topping. (Pinnacle also makes a flavor now called Orange Whipped, so you can use that one too!) I had to post this recipe as soon as I got back from my trip, since we only have a few weeks of summer left! Hopefully some of you can make good use of this recipe before fall comes around. Frozen Orange Creamsicle Cocktail Ingredients ¾ cup orange juice ¼ cup vanilla almond milk 1 shot Pinnacle whipped cream vodka or orange whipped vodka (1.5 oz.) 2 cups ice 1 oran